In this one on one, 5-week experience, critically-acclaimed author/speaker, Brant Menswar, guides you through what it takes to separate the things you believe are "really important" from your non-negotiable Black Sheep Values.

Week 1

The journey begins with a "Tarantino Moment." We have to go back in order to move forward. A look into your past will help shed light on why you consider certain things important in your life. A detailed debrief of the core values worksheet will allow you to discover your cursory Flock of Five Black Sheep Values (BSV).

Week 2

Tracking your BSV for 7 days reveal which values show up organically in your day to day life. Discovering where they show up and with whom provides insight into the critical relationships in your life. Diving deeper into the values that didn't regularly appear allow for exploring options within your Flock of Five.

Week 3

An additional week of tracking your BSV focuses what is real and what is aspirational in your life. Expanding your self-awareness opens your eyes to the areas of your life that are non-negotiable. Proving your truth will allow you to begin to live with deliberate intention. 

Week 4

Transitioning from tracking your BSV to programming them into your daily schedule is the moment you begin to take control of your life. A deep dive into your schedule provides the opportunity to choose which appropriate Black Sheep show up at specific times to maximize a moment's impact. Leading with deliberate intention is the only way to begin to live your life "on purpose."

Week 5

Experiencing what it feels like to activate your BSV supercharges your willingness to succeed. Amping up your motivation through your Black Sheep keeps you committed to achieving your goals. The final step in the 5-week journey is crafting a personal purpose statement that you can honor with every action in your life moving forward. WELCOME TO THE FLOCK!